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Meet Emily


Artist. Creator. Visionary.

Hello everyone! I am Emily! I grew up in Ames, Iowa and continued to attend college there at Iowa State University. I have a double major in Fine Arts with a focus in Printmaking, Textiles, and Woods as well as a major in Marketing.

I like to make stuff, and I am a dreamer in a chaotic world. As an artist, I attempt to make this world a little happier, a little brighter, and a bit more colorful. I do this in my freely expressed works with movement, texture, color, and detail. I believe some of the most beautiful and provocative aspects in life are found in our natural surroundings and this drives most of my work. But above all, making is what drives me, and this is where I find my joy. I feel I was born to work in various forms of media including wood, steel, print, textiles, and paint. With me fulfilling my purpose, my heart is filled with joy; with a joyful heart, my life is fulfilled.

“With her love, she moves mountains. With her joy, she spreads hope.”

~Jenessa Wait